COVID-19 Update: 9/15/2020

  • Facial Coverings – Under Broward County emergency order 20-20, a mask or other facial covering is required in all common areas of the building, including elevators.  In addition, the building’s staff are not permitted to provide services to any individual who is not wearing a facial covering.
  • Fitness Center – The fitness center is available for use by Residents only.  Family members who do not reside at L’Hermitage II and guests may not use the Fitness Center as per Broward County emergency orders 20-10 and 20-21.  A maximum of four individuals will be permitted to use the fitness center at any time. All users must place their name on the sign up sheet available outside the fitness center and follow the posted guidelines.  Sauna, Steam Room and Shower facilities must remain closed.
  • Deliveries – Deliveries of food, flowers and packages must be left at the front desk for resident pick up or delivery by the building’s staff upon request.  Delivery drivers may not bring items to resident’s units.
  • Pool Deck – The Community Association has agreed to allow residents to bring immediate family members to the pool deck, with a maximum of six (6) individuals from any unit at the pool deck at any given time.  To ensure there are sufficient lounge chairs, a maximum of four (4) are permitted to be used per unit.  Guests may not use the pool deck as per Broward County Emergency Order 20-13.