L’Hermitage II Common Area Windows and Doors

We are pleased to notify L’Hermitage II Residents that the replacement of all common area windows and doors with hurricane impact glass will begin Monday, June 29, 2020.  In the upcoming week, the Association’s contractor will be having the materials and supplies needed for the project delivered and setting up their staging area. 

The actual replacement of the windows and doors will begin Monday, July 6, 2020 starting with the Billiard Room.  The contractor then plans to continue replacement of the windows and doors in a counter-clockwise direction working their way around the building as they complete each section.  A progress board will be posted in the Management Office when the project begins which residents may check to obtain status updates on the project while it continues.

The Association’s contractor has indicated that under ideal conditions, with no interruptions due to weather or unforeseen circumstances the project should take 8-9 weeks total.  We believe a more realistic number is somewhere between 10-12 weeks.  

Please note that this project will be completed from the exterior and the workers will not be entering the building or elevators.  Please use caution around all work areas and avoid any marked off areas which may be dangerous without protective equipment.

Upon completion of the replacement of the windows and doors, the Association will begin the repair of the building’s exterior stucco, waterproofing and painting.  Additional information regarding that project will be forthcoming.


Peter Anderson
General Manager