L’Hermitage II Important Policy and Procedure Changes

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has confirmed that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, condominium associations may act as needed under the “emergency powers” provisions of the Florida Statutes.  These include holding meetings with as much notice as practicable, cancelling and rescheduling meetings, implementing disaster plans, determining portions of the property are unavailable and taking actions that are determined reasonably necessary to mitigate further damage.

The L’Hermitage II Board of Directors met recently to review the Association’s policies and procedures in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  To protect residents and minimize their risk of infection, there are several policies that have been enacted which are outlined below.  
We recognize that some of the policies that have been established may create an inconvenience for residents.  However, residents should keep in mind that if the any of the established policies prevents just one resident of L’Hermitage II from contracting COVID-19 and passing away as a result, it will be far more valuable than any inconvenience.


Effective April 3, 2020 at Noon until April 16, 2020 at Noon, guests will not be permitted to enter the L’Hermitage property.  This does not apply to deliveries, caregivers, contractors making emergency repairs or other individuals at the property who are not staying with or visiting residents.  This will apply to any individual who is not a resident of the unit, including relatives.  Any guests currently at the property will be grandfathered in and may remain until their scheduled departure.  Current guests must have an amenity pass and show it to security at the guardhouse to enter the property.  If the guests have not already done so, the amenities pass must be acquired from the Front Desk no later than Noon, April 3, 2020.  This policy may be extended if determined necessary.  


To minimize the number of people entering the property and potentially exposing residents to infection, the moratorium on contractor work within residential units has been extended to May 15.  This may be further extended if deemed necessary.  Only emergency work such as a plumbing leak, appliance or air conditioning repair will be permitted until the moratorium period is lifted.


Those who are not residents arriving at L’Hermitage II will be directed by the valet to a parking space where they will park their own vehicle.  Valets will not be parking cars.  The valets may assist in bringing packages or groceries to resident units but will only be permitted to leave the items outside the resident’s door.  They have been directed to not enter any Units.  Residents are advised to use a disinfectant wipe or spray on delivered items before bringing them into their Unit to further minimize risk.


The Board of Directors strongly urges all residents to only share an elevator with those individuals who are staying in their unit.  It is not possible to maintain the recommended six-foot distance from others in the elevator cabs.  If individuals from another unit are already in an elevator, residents should wait for the next cab rather than join those already inside.  


The State of Florida has closed all public fitness centers and many condominiums have followed suit.  Miami-Dade County has also issued an order requiring fitness centers in condominium properties to be closed.  The Board of Directors has determined the best course of action at this time will be to close the Fitness Center beginning at Noon, April 3, 2020.  Because of the nature of the facility and how the equipment is used, the potential for surface contamination is extremely high even when residents are trying to be careful and using disinfectant wipes.  


All packages and deliveries (including food deliveries) will be left at the Front Desk to reduce the number of people entering the property and using the elevators.  We suggest residents pick up their deliveries at the Front desk, however they may request the valet or security drop off the item(s) at their front door.  Please note, there may be times when the staff are attending to others which will delay delivery to your unit.  We ask for your patience when requesting a delivery.

Finally, as most residents are probably aware, Governor DeSantis has issued a statewide “Stay At Home” order.  Executive Order 20-91 was signed yesterday requiring everyone in Florida to stay at home in an effort to fight the spread of the coronavirus.
The order directs senior citizens and individuals with significant underlying medical conditions to remain at home to limit their exposure to COVID-19. It requires all people in Florida to limit their movement outside the home to personal interactions to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities.

Essential businesses include, but are not limited to, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, gas stations, banks, laundromats, pet supply stores, and funeral homes. Essential activities include religious services; walking, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, running, or swimming; caring for pets; and caring for or assisting loved ones and friends. The order states that a social gathering in a public space is not considered an essential activity and that groups larger than 10 people are not permitted to congregate in any public space. The Governor’s order will remain in place through April 30.
The global pandemic has created unease and difficulty for nearly everyone around the globe.  The more we can do to reduce exposure and minimize risk the sooner our lives can begin to return to normal.
Residents will receive any updates or revisions to the policies and procedures outlined above as necessary.

Peter Anderson- General Manager